Rental Pricing
Batting Cage Rentals

  • 1 hour cage rental (12’ x 62’ cage)
    • $25

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Pitching Tunnel Rental

  • 1 hour pitching tunnel rental (14′ x 55′)
  • $20

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Facility Rentals (2,200 sq ft)

  • 1 hour facility rental
    • $35
  • 1.5 hour facility rental
    • $50
  • 2 hour facility rental
    • $65

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*Please contact owner Tina Buck-Harth prior to booking at (314) 225-6826 to confirm rental dates and facility rules.
*For standing rentals/appointments, a one month deposit is due at booking.

Contact Us

  •  (314) 225-6826
  • 1200 N. Brafordton Rd, Springfield, IL 62711

Rules of the Facility
1. Please sure be to pick up all trash and equipment after use. If nets were pulled back for defensive training, make sure they are put back for the next team.
2. Helmets must be worn by hitters at all times to prevent injury.
3. NO CLEATS are allowed on the turf, only tennis shoes or turf shoes.
4. Please be sure to only hit/pitch on designated pitching/hitting mats.
5. No seeds are allowed in the facility.


If you are the last team/individual to use the facility, please make sure the following is completed prior to departure:


  1. Turn all lights off.
  2. Turn heat turned down to 60.
  3. Lock the door from the inside.

Buck Fastpitch Academy