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Train. Play. Acheive.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Buck Fastpitch Academy is to provide high-quality baseball and softball instruction to elite young athletes in Central Illinois.
Train. Play. Achieve.

Through exceptional, affordable instruction the Buck Fastpitch Academy aims to produce premier baseball and softball student-athletes at the junior high, high school and college level.

The Buck Fastpitch Academy trains young ball players in an intimate, one-on-one setting–taking the time to teach both the physical and mental side of the game. Through effective repetitive drills, body and mind integration techniques and the latest skill development techniques for hitting, pitching and defense, we are able to provide the highest quality softball and baseball instruction in the Central Illinois area.
At the Buck Fastpitch Academy we embrace and cherish the fact that softball and baseball are supposed to be fun. We have all witnessed the game we love turn from a child’s game into a cut-throat, over-competitive sport that has ruined the “love of the game” for so many young players. In the words of Jack Buck, “Baseball is such a beautiful sport, with no politics involved, no color, no class. Only as a youngster can you play and as a pro can you win.” We teach not only the fundamentals and techniques of the game, but also remind our players that the utmost goal is to have fun.
Buck Fastpitch Academy coaches work with athletes at all levels to establish goals and help give them all of the tools to achieve their goals and dreams. Whether it is to prepare an athlete to make their high school J.V. team or play at the NCAA DI level, our coaches will invest the time and energy needed to help Buck Fastpitch Academy athletes achieve their highest aspirations.
  • Margo Craig Hadden
    Staff here are EXCELLENT with their students. Sarah Grey does a fantastic job with my daughter. Since Sarah has been in my daughter shoes she understands my daughters mind and thought process and they really connect on a level that helps my daughter be confident in the instruction she is receiving. As I watch my daughter's lessons I observe the other instructor/student relationships as well. I have not seen 1 girl walk out without a smile on her face. You can tell at the end of the lesson the girl feel more confident in her abilities. We live an hour and 40 minutes away and it is worth the drive!
  • Dan Buck
    She was a great student of the game as a ballplayer with an unbelievable work ethic. It's been equally rewarding as her father to watch her share that love of the game with hundreds of girls over the past 10 years (yes, she started hosting camps and clinics for students when she was 15 years old!) As her father, I'm proud that she shares her passion for softball with so many young, promising pitchers. As her former coach, I'm humbled by her dedication and commitment to grow her reach and impact on the game. She's investing her heart and hard earned resources to build a bigger, better facility so more young girls can learn this great game! Tina, you are touching many lives and helping dozens of families secure scholarship dollars through exceptional softball skills. It's been a joy watching Buck Fastpitch Academy grow into such a great resource for Central Illinois softball.
  • Dana McKenna Vespa
    Our daughters have improved so much in this off season. We have one working with Tina at pitching and both of them have recently started working with Mallory Beck on hitting. Their improvement is noticeable. I love that they have a way to firmly give corrections without damaging self esteem. Thank you for the work you do!
  • Jordan Edwards
    My 8 year old niece has been attending one on one lessons, small clinics, and even their summer camp in the last year. These amazing girls especially Mallory Beck and Tina Buck have proud her technique, swing, throw, and even her attitude and confidence way up. She loves these girls so much and really looks up to them. She always tells me she wants to be like them and play college ball. Tina and Mallory give there 110% into every event Karmen has attended and we couldn't be anymore happy to spend time with these ladies! Thanks ladies!!
  • Travis Capps
    My two girls went for a four day camp. After the first day I noticed a big improvement. Cannot say enough good things about this company. We will continue our training with them.
  • Mike Vespa
    I have 2 daughters that train at Buck Fastpitch.I can say with great confidence that their softball skills have improved significantly as a result of the work that the coaches at BFA have put in. The staff is very passionate about softball and passing their skill and knowledge on to a new generation of girls. Softball in Central Illinois is will be much stronger as a result. Thanks for your hard work & dedication & Congratulations on a great first year.
  • Carrie Smith
    My daughter works with Sam on catching/hitting and she has helped her in so many ways on the field. Thank you Buck's for sharing your love of the game by helping our younger girls become great players.
  • Lynell Judd-Rogers
    My daughter is 15 and has been training with Tina Buck since she was starting her pitching at age 10. Tina has helped her in so many ways with her pitching and overall confidence. We absolutely love Tina and her organization. Can't thank them enough. My daughter has also been training with Mallory Beck for hitting. We have seen a tremendous change in her hitting. Mallory also helps her with her confidence and mental strength. Love these ladies!!!
  • Rebecca Schnorf
    Lead Designer
    My almost 9 year old daughter has trained with Tina Buck since January of 2017, and I have seen amazing improvements in her pitching. She knew absolutely nothing when she started, and is now pretty solid. Tina also gives great exercises that can be done at home. We have been on the wait list for hitting lessons with Mallory Beck for several months, and while we haven't actually gotten in yet, I can tell by watching her lessons (which run concurrently with my daughter's pitching lessons) that she does a top notch job as well. Lessons are definitely worth the investment!
  • Chris Ehrlich
    Operation Manager
    Fantastic! Such great, positive female role models for our youth. I take my daughter here as much for the confidence and self-esteem building as I do for the softball instruction, which is top notch. Thanks for all you do. We're very fortunate to have BFA in our community.
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